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"Shadowball" was recorded and mixed in June and July of 2013 by Laces Out on recently acquired equipment which they underutilized. It was a learning experience full of ups and downs, but the result is satisfactory. All songs written by Laces Out from 2008-2013. "A Greater Portland" appeared as "Portland" on "Where I Grew Up," and "Battlescars," "Dweeb," and "Somedays" appeared on a 2011 demo, the title of which none of the three members of Laces Out agrees on.


released August 6, 2013

Jake Regier: guitar/vocals, tracks 1, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13
Ryan Stevens: bass/vocals, tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 15
Seamus Stevens: drums/vocals, track 9

Lyrics aside, all songs written with joint effort by Laces Out.



all rights reserved


Laces Out Portland

Laces Out are three best friends in Portland, Maine who make rock n' roll music for fun. They don't play out much, still, they practice and write songs often. Their 2010 release "Where I Grew Up," their only full length, is here for streaming/downloading.

Laces Out are:
Jake Regier - Guitar/Vocals

Ryan Stevens - Bass/Vocals

Seamus Stevens - Drums/Vocals
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Track Name: Talk
Your brain has got me all wound up
Like your dog when you show him the leash
I can't even speak when
I'm around you
When I open up my mouth all that comes out are things
You already seem to know
And I'm hoping you don't mind
Please let me feel your mind

Waiting for the moment when
I can grab your spine and pull you into me
I hope you understand where I'm coming from
Because I've raced passed the passed three months
Just to be with your nose at the finish line
Can we please share the prize?

I don't wanna move
I just wanna sit here
Listening to the sound of
Your muffled car stereo
Everything is lo-fi a secret hi-five honestly means
A lot more to me than you know
And I'm hoping that you don't let me go

Eyes that match mine
When the times right
Is just something I could never get by
Blue and green
Green and gray
I don't care as long as you stay.
Track Name: Battlescars
I dream of dirt-caked hands
Battle scars and knives
Fingernails that won't grow passed the bone
And glossy dead gray eyes

When I wake it's just a bottle
Sitting on a barren night stand
And this headache's not so subtle
It's very unforgiving
And I see my father's genes
Stumbling around inside my jeans
Why didn't I get his heart
I only got his disease

I wish I had a fucking heart
I'd kill for a fucking heart

I've grown up in steadily shrinking family
Who follow frantically to the farm to die

My back aches
My hands shake
Other man's hands that have bled for decades
Who've started to decay
Since the day
They earned their Christian names
They're all the same
Saying "shame on me"
Sobbing in their alcoholic dreams
Worry wort we all die
We all have pain
We all have homes
We all know someone
Who lives under a tombstone
Did they grow?
I don't know I don't go to school
I observe.

I serve servants serving serfs surfing on our sacrifice
That suffices all prior requirements to survive.
Track Name: Overrated
Acetaminophen is sweet as cinnamon
Swimming insanity inside my brain
A human without some pills
Is like a fish born without gills
There's a party down the street

Everyone's gonna be there.

I know nothing that's so overrated.
Track Name: Missed Connection
I was reaching for a hand that suffers from phantom limb
It's been cut off for three months now

Everyone stares at her now...

March 26th won't mean shit now you're gone
You've been gone since you stopped wearing glasses
And working hard for that "Missed Connection"
Do you miss our connection?

You know prayers aren't true every time someone says,
"God forbid something bad happens to you."
Track Name: Life's a Boar
It multiplies in a matter of nights
Cells divide and open their eyes
As I grow wings, though my bleeding lungs
Clog my throat and I'm left undone

I wake up in a cold, cold sweat
Very jealous and upset
Too weak to stand so I piss my bed
I sleep less than I have bled

It happens again in a pre-dawn twilight
Hollow screams and eyeless children
Why do they want them and not me?
Can't they see that I'm the one who bleeds?

I could have told you all of this before
I chose to ignore it, slam my foot in the door
I chose to ignore it, nail my foot to the floor
I chose to ignore it, beat myself like a whore
Track Name: A Greater Portland
All of the spots that I was once acquainted with
Got torn down by businesses
And the rubble lies there
Lies there at my feet
But they aren't done yet
So take a seat

Kids keep crawling from underneath
So when I got the chance I went ahead and took a peek
All I saw were zipped up lips and people tripping
It just kills them

I always pull my socks up to my knees
Because at any moment you could be that deep
I think myself awake each and every night
I am never right. God please let me sleep.

I thought they knew that poison poisons
But they draw back to the same old notions
And they irony of that has always killed me
And to tell a joke takes bravery

So to cope with the mess
I laugh in the mirror and if the
Sun sets tonight then it's just a day nearer
To a time when respect is expect
Not neglected or subjective.
Track Name: Sixth Sense of Humor
Remember when
I didn't call you by your name
Well that was six beers ago
So now things have changed

And I don't feel quite the same

You don't like my sixth sense of humor
Though I try to make it all clever
Your eyes made it clear that your words
Were the cleavers

Are you okay?

I hear rose-eyed road rats
Talking bullshit beautiful
They inhale dust just like it were
A goddamn miracle

So if you think
That you have
This great thing now
You're still on this great big noun
Just a thing
Full of people and places
Will all the same shithead faces
And all the same shithead statements

Thought it was a gas when you
Turned into a ghost
I choked on that gas I need you
Like a parasite needs a host
Track Name: Somedays
Goddamn I am all the things I hate some days

I'm really nothing special
Just a rebel with the common cold
On the run from something or nothing
Not trying to break any mold

You think you've got something great and it turns to gripe
All goals are out of site

Our past proves how quickly the future is coming
So where am I actually?